From the President

Message from the President

My name is Shinagawa, and I was appointed to the position of president in place of Mr. Nakamichi after receiving approval at the 118 Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Insurance and Medical Sciences. In order not to be ashamed of the long 120 history and tradition of this academic society, we would like to sincerely engage in the management of this society, and ask for your support and cooperation.

Since the 2020 pandemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) had a profound impact on the insurance industry. I think there are some members who have changed their way of working due to the change in sales style and the spread of remote work. However, in this situation, I think we have a great role to play.

In the insurance industry, attention is focused on the extent to which COVID-19 will affect the life insurance business and how the COVID-19 epidemic will change in the future. Information about COVID-19 is transmitted every day through the Internet and various media reports, but there are many technical contents and not all of them are correct information.

Under these circumstances, what we are required to do is to select the right information appropriately and convey it to people outside our specialty. In addition, after analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the life insurance business, we are expected to participate in the formulation of assessment standards and the development of new insurance services.

The spread of IT in insurance business is also accelerating due to the coronavirus. There is no doubt that procedures for new contracts and payment requests will be mechanized in the future. However, knowledge of insurance medicine is always necessary when automating the assessment of new contracts and payments, so we should be able to contribute to the introduction of IT into insurance business.

The COVID-19 epidemic had a big impact on the operation of the Japan Society of Health Sciences last year. At first, the lecture was canceled, but thanks to the efforts of the Executive Committee, including Chairman Nakamichi, as well as members of each committee and secretariat, the annual general meeting was held without any problems and the lecture began to be distributed on the Internet. On the contrary, the start of Web distribution has made it possible for members in rural areas to easily view annual general meetings and lecture meetings, which has a positive aspect.

It is unclear what will happen to COVID-19 in the future, but regardless of the situation, we will steadily carry out academic activities such as annual general meetings, lectures, and publication of academic journals, and continue to disseminate information to respond to the rapid changes in the insurance industry.

The environment surrounding the insurance industry has changed significantly in recent years, including the spread of COVID-19 and fintech. We must respond to such changes without hesitation, and we hope that the activities of this academic society will help in this, and we look forward to your continued cooperation.

2021.Oct 8

The Association of Insurance Medicine of Japan
Takafumi Shinagawa

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