From the President

Message from the President

The Association of Insurance Medicine of Japan (AIMJ) was established in 1901. We acknowledge the dedicated effort of the seniors and members, who have implemented this association’s long history of 117 years. The predecessor newsletter of The Journal of Association of Insurance Medicine of Japan has started in 1902. This association joined the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences (JAMS) in 1918, and has contributed to raising the level of Japanese medical and health care as the 33th Specialist Medical Societies of JAMS.

The purpose of this association is “Engaging in the study of Insurance Medicine and achieving its development”. Insurance Medicine is “An integrated science that is required for healthy management of life insurance business, of which the research on the life prognosis is foundation”, and its mission is “Protection of the fairness based on the mutual aid spirit of life insurance”. In order to achieve the above objectives, we have been carrying out a various activities in this association: holding of academic meetings; enforcement of the certifying physician system; publication of The Journal of Association of Insurance Medicine of Japan; cooperation with the various organizations involved in life insurance.

At the moment, the number of members belonging to this association is 690 (regular members: 405, research members: 82, supporting members: 196, honorary members: 7). While the number of regular or research members (physicians) is a downward trend lately, the number of supporting members (non-physicians) has followed an increasing trend. In particular, underwriters and claims examiners now occupy many of supporting members. In recent years, life insurance companies have come to require high quality work of underwriters and claims examiners. In other words, they need to acquire advanced knowledge of Insurance Medicine, and its effect seems to be reflected in the increase of supporting members. Going forward, to meet the expectations of such members, this association is going to enrich the academic activities for all of the people who involved in Insurance Medicine.

The development speed in medical and health care goes on increasing. In order to retain the principles of life insurance under such circumstances, it is important to continue the accumulation of latest knowledge of Insurance Medicine. Therefore, this association is willing to support self-study or research activity of each member. We appreciate your warm and continuing support.

2017.Oct 24

The Association of Insurance Medicine of Japan
Masahiro Nishikawa

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